Central Office Staff

Randy Nordin Executive Director
Peggy Zak Fiscal Director
John Wynne Director of Housing & Planning
Mark Carlson Head Start Director
Timothy Anacabe Weatherization/Housing Director
Gayle Peterson Case Management Coordinator
Diane Hayes Grants/Programs/Case Management Coordinator
Anne Bertilrud Energy Assistance Director
Melissa Gust Bookkeeper
Kirstin Kanoff Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
Michelle Okeson Early Child Development Manager
Debra Stromlund Early Childhood Health Services Manager
Patti McKinnon EHS Child Development/Disabilities/Mental Health Manager
Joann Christian EHS Health Services Manager
Debra Stanelle Family Advocate
Misty Lundbohm Family Advocate
Kayla Skoien Youth/Family Services Coordinator
Tammy Novacek Health/Family Services Coordinator
Sharon Millner HS/EHS Family Services Manager
Cecelia Hendrickson Administrative/Technical Support Assistant
Natasha Lee Office Assistant
Haylie Anderson Family and Youth Coordinator
Karl Frigaard Community Development Director
Natasha Stengrim Head Start Disabilities Services Manager